Airport convenient to NYC?

I hope to fly my SR22 to the NYC area on Friday the 13th (from Cleveland). Once on the ground, I’ll need to easily get into Manhattan ('round E 65th) and will spend the night there. For those who know the NYC area, which airport and FBO would you recommend?


Flying of Friday the 13th. Good for you.

Actually now that I think about it I am flying to JAX that day!

Teterboro is busy but it is the closest for ground transportation to the city.

Farmington on Long Island is not quite as busy but the ride to the city is twice as long.


Marty, I go to NYC fairly often. I used to use TEB but the last 4-5 times I’ve landed at HPN and used Westair. The airport is nice and Westair is an excellent, reasonably priced FBO (especially for NY). The ride into New York is about 45 minutes. I’m told public transportation is available but I’ve never used it.
One thing about HPN is that the mornings can be very foggy. I’ve departed there 3 times in the last year with RVRs of 4000 feet or less.
FRG is also nice but it’s a longer ride to 65th street by far.
See the article in the current AOPA pilot for more information and choices.

I just did two trips, my boss is from NY and we dropped him off for a weekend with family and picked him up the next Tuesday. We flew in ISP and wen to the Jet Center. I am not sure how long a trip to the city but getting into and out of the airport was fairly easy. From Cleveland you could probably go direct DNY then the LOVES2 arrival.

I fly in and out of NYC area several times a month.

The closest option is definitely Teterboro. Atlantic Aviation is probably the most comfortable with light GA aircraft - unless you’re bringing your G5, of course. Taxis to the city are readily available. You should also plan on coming in IFR and brief the ILS 6 and VOR DME A approaches. Especially watch the Mandatory crossing altitudes - they are not minimums, they are min and max. You cross under landing traffic at Newark.

If that sounds like a little too much IFR practice on Friday 13th, two other alternatives are CDW and HPN. Both are about 20nm from the city and would probably require a rental car. Would recommend MacDan at CDW and West Air at HPN. IFR is probably still a good idea, but not quite so tricky.


Be sure to check the NOTAMS for TFR’s. I understand that some drastic ones may be imposed in the NYC area around this date due to 9/11 and the UN meeting that will be held in NYC. They will be very unfriendly to GA.

I don’t know about you guys, but I often fly in to NYC and I always fly into EWR. Runway 11-29 is always available for light traffic and it’s a quick turn off to Signature Aviation. And the best part about it…You’re right outside the Holland Tunnel!

I’d give EWR a shot, it’s a lot of fun and you get very helpful controllers…


I flew out of TEB for about 12 years. It is convenient to NYC with bus as well as limo transport. Be sure to come IFR otherwise you could spin around in circles for quite a while. Million Air still has a fair number of piston aircraft based there, although they may be a bit pricy

Thanks to all who offered advice. I made the trip as follows…

Friday the 13th, went Cleveland to Teterboro (KCGF CXR PENNS RV [VOR DME or GPS A] KTEB) in VMC. Was nicely uneventful, except… At TEB the winds were 250@15G20. Naturally I expected they would be landing rwy 24 - wrong. They were landing rwy 19. Not a big deal, but I was reminded not to ASSume anything.

Used Atlantic Aviation. Being overly sensitive to having my 22 pushed and pulled around, I parked in the infield instead of the right-in-front ramp for my overnight stay. Was OK, 'cept security required that line-service drive me to/from the plane. Anyway, Atlantic was fine even though my 22 was the only piston plane in sight! They waived their service fee and their overnight fee since I got a fillup (39 gal), and they also arranged for a limo to/from Manhattan.

Departure on Saturday was fine. I only sat briefly behind one jet before release.

I would not hesitate to use this plan again when going to The City.

If you go to Islip (ISP) there is 24 hr train service on the opposite side of the field ( cabs avaible to the station) Avg time to Penn Station (34th & 8th) is 1:30
Fuel is currently $3.03 and Mid Island Air on thwe sw side is a better choice than LI JET



You bet - my backup plan is to fly commercial or drive if I get a scary briefing.

Just out of curiosity Woody, what did it cost at EWR. I flew into JFK once and the bill for landing and 3 hours of parking was beyond belief. Fuel too was about double what it would have been at FRG. Since that one experience I’ve avoided EWR LGA and JFK like the plague.


You know I don’t remember but it wasn’t too bad, I think the landing fee was $20…Fuel was pricey so I didn’t buy more than the 9 GAL min…It was a very cool place to fly into.