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Well, I spent all morning cleaning my Cirrus SR22. My wife and I left to see my Dad at Cape Kennedy. When we landed, and everywhere I have landed, expect a lot of questions and a lot of nose and fingerprints on your windows.

If you are in a hurry, park as far away from the FBO as you can, quickly cover the cabin with your Bruce cover and run away from the aircraft. When you get back to the FBO, sneak out there and taxi away QUICKLY. Otherwise, you will be delayed…for sure.

Denis N726CD…29 Hours and everything is perfect! Damn, I love this machine.


I know it may seem to you like there have been a lot of PIREPS on SR22’s. But take it from someone who still has 10 months or so to wait, another few paragraphs from a happy owner with say - 29hrs - in one never hurts.

Hint hint hint…