New webapp for performance planning

Today,, a new pre-flight performance planning service provider for GA pilots and operators started public evaluation period. The performance model of SR22 is already available, SR20 will follow this weekend.

It does runway analysis, Mass&Balance, climb check, balked landing calculations, times, fuel burn, etc, directly based on AFM data.

Registration and usage is free for the eval period.

Everyone’s opinion is appreciated on this forum thread or here:

Please help Aviocheck create a handy tool. Thank you!


Eclipse Jet?

no cessna 210 centurion? :frowning:

Looks nice but really doesn’t work well on an iPad. The screen sizing is wrong and the user interface is not touch friendly.



Thanks for the tip. I just tried it out and it still seems to have a number of bugs. One of which is it doesnt have all the airports in the database. For example, I tried KUZA which is a pretty large GA airport and it says “error”. I am not seeing the benefit over some other apps out there.