New use for NJK Hansans

Up and at 'em before the BHM fog cleared the hollows:

Past nuclear weather, rainbows, and then clear sailing:

Nancy Knollenberg whipped up a big batch of hand sanitizers on lanyards. They made a big impression on my friend Sergio and HIS friend, the nifty Roman neonatologist, Flaminia Cursicola. No trip down here is complete without a beautiful Italian woman, beautifully named, and Flaminia does not disappoint in either category.


But the hansans. They are so useful in the absence of running water, I use them shamelessly to bribe the nurses on the night shift. This is critically important for getting late night temps and weights, and wakeup calls for trouble before the fan gets messy.

But today we found they are an effective sterile conductor for the portable ultrasound, as well.

A couple of NICU shots, looking for a VSD in a premie- pretty far afield for an adult GI, but I just pointed the probe, Flaminia did the thinking.

The ultrasound is impressive- with the color Doppler, we found the VSD. What to do next is compartmental- maybe spend somebody else’s money, maybe not. I just wave the wand.

Next up- Kenskoff, from soup to nuts. I had it 90% posted last night before I disappeared it, a computer retard still.

Well, maybe not a complete loser- we uploaded the Doppler shots, forwarded them to Bhavesh Patel at Mayo, who confirmed the VSD.

Pretty cool.

This is a link to an echocardiogram I found on

Ours looked like this a little, but the depth of penetration in a 2 pound baby was too deep to get such pretty views of the splashback from the left to the right ventricle, and I couldn’t make it less.

In premature kids membranous VSD’s, which Bhavesh thought this was, are pretty common, and tend to resolve themselves without surgery.

I learn something new every day- but this was from yesterday.

Today I learned that Sergio, our resident Spaniard, can make a fantastic paella, the carmelized onions making me salivate from 100 feet. I think he’s seriously in love with our Roman girl. Who can blame him- she’s pretty and smart and funny.

The least I can do is eat like a pig with them- Italians don’t believe you love them if you aren’t eating with them.

Pretty impressive echocardiogram…I think. Wish I knew what I was looking for.

Please be careful around that Roman girl. The last thing I would want to see here is word of your demise, having lost in a duel of honor with Sergio.