Groningen was one hell of a party! The gathering of so many Cirri, the historical NOTAM, the prez beeing forced to drink only because the membership required it (he hated every bit of it; I am his witness!), the hospitality of our Dutch friends, the marvelous work of Han and his crew, the committment of Bill and his family … and a million other things. It was a blast!
We will all be in berlin next year and we will try to keep the quota: 60% of the European fleet was there!!!

ralph N838CD


Ralph, well said.
Also my wife and me enjoyed every minute and finally met in person with many of our virtual friends. What makes me in particular happy is the outcome of our meeting on ADF and DME. Next year I can participate the Cirrus event in Berlin in a SR-20 with a “pointless” ADF (AK) and DME so that I can legally navigate in old Europe.
IÂ’ll keep you all posted and like to thank every one for the nice weekend.
Hein de Groot

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What makes me in particular happy is the outcome of our meeting on ADF and DME.

Could you elaborate on what the outcome was, of the ADF/DME issue? Presumably Cirrus or GE is willing to install these equipment now? Where will they go?

Just curious…


So am I (Curious)!

and ADF may be “pointless” but a DME is the key item.

I’d like to know if it can be fitted to a PFD equipped SR22, or if its a Sandel only option.

GREAT gathering! I think we are still numb and shocked by the extent of Cirrius and GE’s succes in Europe.

I hear there are over ten in France now!


N747TG went into the shop this morning as planned. Wait for the DME installation report - should appear within a week or so.

Timm Preusser N747TG