New Navigation Gaget's in history

I was recently assisting my mother move, and I discovered her school notebook containing news articles from WWII. I expect that every student during that period was urged to keep a “clipping” notebook about the war events.
Well, attached to one of the war stories was the attached story titled, “NEW AIR NAVIGATION GADGET AIDS PILOTS”.
Its worth reading.

Truly interesting. I know of only one aircraft that used this method for navigation. In fact, it had a top secret instrument built in to the aircraft to take starsights in the middle of the day. Do you know what plane it was?

I don’t know any more than the article indicates. But it is interesting that this story appeared, during wartime, in a major N.Y. paper.

The SR71.

I highly recommend “Sled Driver”, but an SR71 pilot.

SR71 trivia: the original designation was RS71 (reconnaissance - surveillance, I think). But Lyndon Johnson got the letters reversed at some point and everyone else changed to match his mistake.

YES, we have a winner! The SR71 is truly one of the most fascinating aircraft of all time. The more you find out about it, the more intriguing it is.