New factory

I was just wondering is the new Factory open yet.And if so whats it like From Don

Don,the new facility is a service department and delivery area for new aircraft with customer lounge, meeting rooms, etc. I don’t believe there are factory operations intended in the new building.

The new building was in use during my delivery last week.

There is a very large service hangar, where they do the post-acceptance
maintainance work.

There is also at least one acceptance bay, big enough for 1 or 2 aircraft, that
are heated, lighted, have ground power available. I used one of these to
inspect the exterior of my airplane, then later with ground power, program
up the GPS for my return flight.

Its a nice new building.

There’s also a Cirrus store there, with clothing, etc.

The lobby isnt setup with any furniture yet, but that should be coming soon…


I understood that the paint shop is to be located in that building.


Did you catch any hint that they may begin after-delivery installations again (engine heaters, oil separators, and the like)?

I asked about the AOS, they would not install it at the factory. Not sure about the
other items you mentioned.