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In the summer I am at SMQ and would be happy to do it. Unfortuantely, I am now shoveling snow (oops sand) in Key Largo. However, why not call Darin Laby at Airshares in Caldwell, 973.575.0123. He’s a nice guy and knows the plane well.
Richard Pouch
N614RC, SR22

I agree with Scott. If you can possibly arrange it, have your CFI go to Duluth. Give yourself one day lead time so that you can get started with your transition course. You will then get some valuable “back seat” time and your CFI will then have a certificate that he has completed the factory transition course. If you offer to pay the travel and factory course expense your CFI might jump at the idea. You will then be in position to learn on the way back to yoiur home base.

You will also want to be looking for a CFII very soon. As you probably know, there have been a number of fatal accidents in the Cirrus where flight in IFR conditions was attempted by a pilot without an instrument rating. In order to get the full benefit of this aircraft, you should have the option of making the fight on an IFR flight plan.

Don’t overlook the software designed to train you on the Garmin. I like VFlite. Check out for information. I think they still offer a COPA discount. Learn the Garmin thoroughly before you start instrument training. It is much cheaper and more effective to learn the Garmin on a computer instead of fumbling in the cockpit.

Or another thought would be to bring your CFI with you to pick up the aircraft - give you plenty of time to " play with avionics" on the way home – get some " under the hood " time and allow the CFI to become intimately familiar with the aircraft. A few more bucks - but both would probably benefit and it’s small money compared to what you’re about to spend. Good luck with the delivery !

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I will take your advise on that!