N124CD still sits in Duluth waiting for a ferry pilot. My ferry pilot is in Iqualit (Frobisher Bay),thats just one leg on from Greenland where I told you he was six days ago. He is still trying to solve an oil leakage problem on the Arrow he is ferrying back to the states.
He is copying me the E-mails he is sending to the people he is ferrying for at the moment. The conditions they work in are severe. I copy you an example that refers to his arrival in Iqualit from Nuuk the capital of Greenland. -------------- I landed all set up for a quick turn-around so I could get the engine

started again, but, of course, the first thing I saw at the fuel pumps was a

belly covered with oil–this time I had lost three quarts in 3 1/2 hours–so I

taxied over to Air Nunavut (formerly Air Baffin). Actually, I followed

Alexandra, who had just landed after an aborted attempt to reach Goose Bay.

    Brent, at Air Nunavut, had a couple of plugs that he thought might fit

the sump drain, so I pulled the cowling on the ramp and tried one of them out.
It was useless. The one I tried was the most likely fit, but it felt like the

threads were wrong, I was trying to hold four quarts of oil in the sump while

I worked, and of course every time I touched bare skin to metal I got burned

by the cold: -30C and falling. Thank God the wind was calm.

Regards Robin