My next project

Are you needing Cirrus Engineering for the firewall repair? How bad is the firewall damage? Just curious.

G’day Justin -

I think you can do the firewall repair with the direction of a DER - if that makes any difference. The parts is pretty expensive - I may have a G3 one if you need it.


No, keep it up. Though posting it here may alter your after market a little, I think full disclosure is your whole point, and the project is really interesting.

Good luck!

I agree. It has been interesting to follow this. Interestingly, I worked on that plane several years ago.

I do believe you are normally better off going through a DER for the firewall replacement or repair, depending on Cirrus engineers desired level of involvement. HOWEVER, a little birdie told me that Cirrus is looking to improve aircraft repair-ability and will therefor be more motivated to invest in engineering and approving repairs like this.

This makes sense from a revenue perspective…not only is it appealing to potential buyers of new cirrus, but also because having lots of them sitting in salvage yards really eats into the parts and service revenue. Also, lower hull insurance premiums should follow in the distant future if it works.

I’ll let you all know what we do with the firewall. The damage is a puncture / tear in the lower center, away from the hard points.


I have worked with Cirrus engineering in the past on some damage to a SR-22 wing, and was surprised how corporative, and reasonable the rates were. Infact, they were less than the DER I have used in the past!

Good luck, and have fun on the rebuild.

Progress has slowed lately while the shop that’s doing the rebuild is being moved to another location.

The engine shop still has the engine, haven’t heard from them in a few weeks so hopefully no news is good news.

Still haven’t confirmed if we’ve using the DER or cirrus engineering for the firewall.

So I guess this is a pointless post, just to let everyone know that I’m still here and working on it.


Any progress is still progress! The joys of aircraft projects, I guess.

Be safe and have fun,

Did someone say they wanted a project airplane? :slight_smile: I have one fully loaded with great avionics for the right buyer!

But wait, there’s more!