Mounting help for graphic engine analyser

I just joined the group and purchased a SR20C #1103.
Cirrus left little or no room to install additional instruments, and I’d like to install a JPI, EM, or other graphic engine monitor. I’m used to having one, and can’t see the value of paying twice+ as much to use the Arnav solution (other than the obvious; there’s already panel space).
I’ve seen pictures with JPIs installed in the padded area below the pilot’s panel (where the G2 flight instruments go).
I’d appreciate any pictures of installations, where to obtain a mounting bezel, etc. Plus, of course, any of the other good info, experience, and opinion this forum provides.
I’m anxious to start flying and meeting some of this group.


Go to the search function and put in JPI engine analyzer and you should find several options including placing it in the bolster in front of you, moving some gauges around to make space usually using the space where the CHT is now. There are numerous options.
I personally use the ARNAV option and find it just fine. Be sure to price the JPI with full installation including any necessary STC and the cost of moving things around when you compare prices.