More on ARNAV

I contacted ARNAV last week because of my concern that existing owners of the ICDS2000 would be left out in the cold. In the last 3 days I have recevied the following emails:

Dear Mr. White,

I appreciate your concerns regarding the Cirrus announcement and ARNAV’s
continued support of the Cirrus program. Be assured that ARNAV is committed
to not only supporting the current installed base of Cirrus owners, but also
to the continued enhancement of the ICDS 2000 display based upon feedback
from COPA and other Cirrus owners.

Cirrus cannot be faulted for making the Avidyne display available. A little
competition is always useful to spur inovation and ensure a high level of
performance at the lowest prices. With the introduction of our own new
higher quality display in the first quarter of next year, we feel we will be
competitive with the Avidyne offering at a $5000 lower price for new Cirrus
owners. Meanwhile, we will continue to update the products in the field
with the new EngineView offering, FIS weather-in-the-cockpit, Traffic
displays and the new SatPhone product scheduled for release next year.

The ICDS 2000 technology is also a vital component of our new EFIS product
that is now being installed in military aircraft. The new product will be
certified for general aviation use late next year.

Best Regards

Robert F. Brooks
Director, OEM Sales

Dear Mr. White,

Please be assured of ARNAV’s commitment to the ICDS 2000 product
development, present Cirrus SR2X owners and future.

To demonstrate the continued support ARNAV received on 11/12/2001 TSO
approval for the ICDS 2000. With this approval it paves the way for ARNAV to
introduce a number of new features to the product.

There will be a formal press release available later this week and I will
ensure you receive a copy personally.

Best Regards,
Bob Morris
Director of Operations
ARNAV Systems, Inc.


ARNAV appreciates your commitment and choice. Friday evening ARNAV sent out
a formal press release that out lines our present position and along with
future hardware, interface and software enhancements presently under
development with projected release April 2002. I personally added you to the
mailing list, did you receive a copy of this announcement?

Best Regards,
Bob Morris
ARNAV Systems, Inc.

I have received a copy of the press release from ARNAV. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Regardless, I am planning to stay with Arnav moving forward. As noted above, competition is a wonderful thing. It keeps everyone on their toes and prices at appropriate levels!

Paul White