Minimum Number of hours required for a vision jet insurance

What is the minimum number of flying hours required in a SR20 / 22 before one can get insurance for a vision jet?

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I transitioned at 400TT, 200 of which was in an SR22.

I will put 250h on my SF50 this year. Hopefully the rate will drop a bit next renewal.


Did you pay 2% hull in premium?


I mean, there’s no •requirement• to have any SR time before shopping insurance for the SF50.

Now, if you mean total time, sure, Trent’s number is probably about as low as you can go. Ask a couple of brokers and discuss your qualifications.


I was told 500 hours in SR22 is a good number for SF50 Insurance. I started training last year in SR20/22. Got my PPL end of March this year, took delivery of SR22NA in April, got my instrument rating end of July. Working on commercial now. I’m taking delivery of my SF50 next February.

Started this year at 70 hours. Currently at 370 hours and 130 more to go for 500 hour mark. Lots of flying this year and I love it!

Welcome to COPA and good luck with SF50.


Trent do you mind disclosing what year one was and the policy coverages?

Great American quoted us 85k with 800hrs TT and much of those in an SR22T. However age was the biggest factor, 19.

Our friends quote: Mid $40s for 3.35M hull on a 1,025 hour pilot with 925 retractable gear.

Just a couple of recent examples

Just the smallest hair under 2%. I am also 40, so age may be a factor, and having a great Insurance Agent (Travers).

I am up for renewal next month (650TT, 250TIT) so I will let you know how it goes.

2% of hull value for below 1,000 hours in year 1 is a decent ballpark.

Are you training with a cirrus flight school? It’s good that time spent flying as a student pilot counts.

You are doing commercial training too? Will that help in better training for a private pilot?


Congratulations! Where have you been flying? You are on pace to do a bit more than that by February.

Best wishes for your commercial. Too bad they want 500 in SR22. You could do complex/multi, tail wheel, float, EMT if it just a matter of burning hours.

Do you have any cool x/c trips planned?

This post made my day!


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Thanks, Tom. I still remember your advice, when I just started flying not long back. Can’t believe I now have instrument rating and 370 hours. Time flies!

My longest solo trip was about two weeks back from Anchorage, Alaska to Groton, Connecticut. Took me 47 hours. Stopped at Ketchikan, Seattle, Billings Montana, Madison Wisconsin. That was an amazing trip but I don’t think I will do it again or an SR 22NA!



I trained with P6 Aviation at Caldwell, New Jersey (CDW). I spent so much time training with the owner, Pete Widry that I became good friends with him!
We did several cross-country trips which added to my confidence, but also built variety into my flying.
Insurance premium came down after my instrument rating.
Not sure if commercial will reduce my premiums, but hopefully it will make me into a better pilot.

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