Mini-fly-in at CMA today

SBA-based Roger Freedman and Glenn Beltz withstood brutal CFI badgering from drooling position holder Gordon Feingold today as they ventured 25nm East to CMA in their new SR20 N720DG, while Jim Campbell and son hurtled westward from Van Nuys in N7788T so as to rendezvous for breakfast and a photo opportunity.

A good Cirrus time was had by all.

The breakfast club at CMA (Camarillo, California)

Roger Freedman and Jim Campbell play “musical airplanes” with Jim’s SR20.

Unfortunately we had no pix, but we had three SR22s in a line at Albuquerque on Friday (all arriving within 10 minutes) and then we headed more-or-less en masse (moderated by trying to leave ABQ at rush hour) and headed into Santa Fe, leading the befuddled controller to ask, “is there some kind of Cirrus party going on?”

Saturday all three SR22s were out again, and N722CD (a Cirrus SR22 demonstrator) was in and out a couple of times. 759S (the other SR22 based at SAF) didn’t seem to be around, so we missed our opportunity to have five…

On the way home, we chatted up two more Cirri between Santa Fe and Palmdale, one of them was 140CD, the original SR22 prototype (SR20 serial #145 since there was no SR22 serial number #1).