Migration record broken

We are 5+ months out from our COPA M-18 Migration at Amelia Island. Much of our block of rooms has already been reserved at the Omni Hotel Plantation at Amelia Island. We have just blown through the previous number of folks who had, in the past, expressed an interest and are actively following the Facebook Feed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012481985801715/

As a matter of statistics, last year on the eve of the M-17 Migration in New Orleans, we has 625 followers on the feed.

As of today . . . with M18 Migration over 5 months away, we’ve blown through the roof with over 1047 people folks involved and following the regular informative posts over on Facebook.

So, whether you are following Facebook or not, make your room reservations and plan on attending. We all need the break now, and certainly by October.

Click here to make your reservation online today!

More info about Migration also here: http://migration.cirruspilots.org/

WE HAVE POPPED THE TOP. Currently, there are now over 1,200 following the Facebook Migration Group. Sun n’ Fun was cancelled; Oshkosh has been cancelled, so that makes our Migration M-18 (5 months away) likely to be the largest scheduled aviation event of the year.
Read below; make your hotel reservations now; await formal COPA Migration registration to begin around 45 days from now; buy a new swim suit; buy your sunscreen; fuel your aircraft while the gas is so low in price. GET READY FOR A GREAT EVENT.

Guess what just happened. I hope y’all have gotten your rooms reserved.

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Yes, Migration was cancelled this year but, none-the-less, many of us are here anyhow, so I thought I’d share a bit.

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Dennis, the record is still alive. Our annual meeting will be virtual this year and everyone can participate online.

As for the pictures you posted, they are beautiful. Only one thing is missing…

Where is lobster girl?

Fake news. That can’t be a Florida sunset. We all know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. And we know that Dennis doesn’t get up early enough to be photographing a sun rise.:wink:

The sun sets in California. Here’s proof.


You’re close, Pierre. It rises and sets on the Oregon coast.


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Sometimes… it’s worth getting up early.