"Migration 9-Rockies" Registration Now Open For All!

Come one, come all, to the edge of the American Mountain West, Colorado Springs, CO August 11-14. You don’t need to be a COPA member to register, we’re offering you a chance to join or a free three-month trial membership! This year we’ve got lots to do:

- Social Events: From
the Thursday night “COPA Cowboy Cabana” party to Saturday evening’s “Farewell and Fly Well Pool Party” featuring Doug Ritter’s Water Survival Equipment seminar, we have some great relaxing fun, delicious food and a chance to meet old and new friends.

- "Airport Day:" We’ve
set aside Friday, August 12th for a day at the airport! All our exhibitors will be set up to continue the trade show that starts in Arrival Day in our exclusive hangar at our host FBO Colorado jetCenter all day. Walk outside to view flight line static display and fly demonstration models. Lunch will be served and we will feature a special mid-afternoon exclusive speaker, as well.

- "Symposium Day:" A
distraction-free day at our hospitality host Cheyenne Mountain Resort for the whole spectrum of presentation, starting with our annual “State of COPA” presentation from President Curt Sanford and finishing with the
return of “Ask Cirrus,” it promises to be a great day full of informative learning experiences.

- Pre-Migration Seminars Return: After
last year’s well received pre-Migration seminars, your Migration Planning Staff has arranged for two exclusive presentations on Tuesday, August 9 through Wednesday, August 10: New for M9, the Colorado Pilots Association’s Mountain Flying Symposium and the return of George Braly’s Advanced Pilot Seminar. Thursday, August 11th will feature Carol Jensen and a special morning presentation of the COPA Critical Decision Making
seminar. After that, head out to Colorado Springs Airport (COS) and our host FBO, Colorado jetCenter and greet your friends on M9 Arrival Day.

- Camp COPA: Let’s face it, once you click on the activities scheduled for kids for M9-Rockies, you’ll want to join them for some of the best fun, ever! Your kids will be having a blast each and every day this year. Check out the activities list!

- Partner-In-Command and Partner’s Tour Program: Your
Staff used their experience and input from you, the COPA community, and
have set up a great sequence of events, featuring Mike Radomsky’s “Partner-In-Command” course on Friday, August 12 and a very exclusive optional "COPA Partners Tour" on Saturday, August 13.

So head on over here:http://www.regonline.com/migration9, read more and register today for M9-Rockies!

See you there, August 11-14, 2011!

Can non-members attend??? (innocent grin [:)]) and do they get anything special?

"…do they get anything special? "

Well funny you should ask! [:)] Anyone who registers for Migration 9-Rockies will have the easy option to receive, absolutely free of charge, a gift 3-month membership in COPA! That’s right, 3-count 'em-3 months of membership in what’s regarded as one of the premiere owner groups in all of GA. Including access to our highly informative member forums, personal blogs, teaching tools, vast library of information and highly useful flight planning tools.

But wait, that’s not all!!

Non-members of COPA who regsiter for Migration will have the option of joining COPA for an entire year as part of their one-stop registration process. That’s right, a full year, at the incredible bargain price of $65, an amount that many, many Cirrus pilots say is "the best $65 I’ve ever spent on aviation!’

So don’t delay and go to the M9 site listed above.

We’ll see you at M9-Rockies, August 11-14, 2011 in Colorado Springs.


That sounds too good to be true!!! Three months of FREE membership AND all the fun and fellowship of a COPA Migration!!! How can you GIVE AWAY so much value? Are you going to sock registrants with a big shipping and handling charge?

Why thanks for asking, Sanjay. NO WAY we’d do that!! You can walk, drive, take the train (I think) get on a big aluminum flying cattle car or just fly yourself to scenic Colorado Springs for your Rocky Mountain getaway this August 11-14th! Sign up now! No operators standing by!!

Non-members get the 3 months free as a promotion, and I believe we’re giving them the option of doing a full year…