COPA Migration 2020, thoughts

It looks like this upcoming Migration will be the only GA gathering of the year. I have a couple of non-Cirrus pilot friends who have expressed interest on attending. Obviously a non-issue, pay the fee, book the hotel and you’re in. While my situation may be an isolated incident, anybody have an idea of max capacity should there be more of the “un-washed” that wish to attend???


This is a great question…

As migration Chair I have been more concerned with minimum numbers rather than Maximum this year.

We are constrained by some space Limits both at the hotel and the airport. With the Airport having the bigger constraint with parking space, but we can get creative here if need be.
Assuming we are not required to utilize Moderate/Strict Social Distancing policy set by the Hotel, we can easily accommodate up to 550+ people. We would have to start looking into capping it at 600-650 potentially with our current contracted space(Which is fairly large)

So I will post this here

Migration 2020 Current Attendance Temperature:

  • Absolutely Attending!
  • Considering attending
  • Do not Feel Comfortable attending (COVID)
  • Cannot make it this year, regardless

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I initially answered “Absolutely Attending!”, and have a reservation at the Omni, but the above statement caused me to question my vote, I would not want to attend an event, Migration or any event, if we all had to wear masks and sit 6 feet away from each other, etc.

So while I will absolutely attend if cooler heads prevail and we are able to enjoy a semblance of normalcy during the event, I have changed my vote to “Considering Attending” until we know more.

Edit: My post has compelled some conclusions that are not coincident with my intent, I addressed those concerns in future posts, please consider the following text as an integral part of the statement above.


@hanstb to clarify the moderate and strict social distancing requirements go well beyond the 6ft and mask. It limited hotel rooms, dinning locations, etc.

We will be practicing any and all recommendations in place at the time of the event.

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@ErikGun I know all too well what hotels and restaurants are experiencing in the way of restrictions, my hope is by October the circumstances will have improved.

I would expect nothing less, my point was that if the restrictions being enforced in October are similar to those being levied against social gatherings today, that may dissuade attendance.

Agreed. I guess it depends how bad my cabin fever will be in October. If today’s restrictions are still in place in October, I may not be as motivated to go, but I will be so tired of all of this sitting around at home, I’ll need to go just to retain some measure of sanity.

Not speaking for Erik, but having been involved in Migration organization and knowing this years Migration airport I think if parking space becomes a problem there are options on the airport. However, if it was a problem they could easily park at KSSI or KBQK and we could ferry them over.

I am very much looking forward to Migration, honestly there are so few social events and vacations left on my calendar, that Migration, although I have never attended, is the highlight!!

The reason I changed my vote and provided an explanation of my decision was to better inform the Migration organizers of my opinion, and a point of view that may likely be shared by a subset of potential attendees.

If the pole above is to be of any value to the organizers, we should answer honestly, of course my first instinct was to say heck yea! Absolutely Attending!, but the reality is it depends.

I realize we don’t know what the future holds, and I was not suggesting we ignore any official guidance as to the safety measures that may be in effect in October, at the rate we’re going Lord only knows what is going to be our reality in October.

My only point was that If Migration was held under the guise of sufficiently restrictive regulations so as to negate its purpose, the socializing and interaction with like minded people within the aviation and Cirrus community, I would be less inclined to attend.

I get it. Polls like these are largely worthless for planning. The poll that matters most, at this point, is registrations made at the hotel. If you haven’t made a reservation, you aren’t committed. Conditions change and people can cancel registration, like you may do, but registration is still the most reliable poll.

In my mind, I am going, but, like you, I won’t go if it is going to be socially restricted and therefore lightly attended. It defeats the purpose.

To all;

Please keep in mind that we are still 4 months away from the event and things are improving daily. Even now, the Florida restaurants and bars are open with consideration given for proper and reasonable spacing. Massage Envy is in full operation. All of the gyms and parks are open with few restrictions.

At most right now, we are required to wear a mask in Home Depot and to pass through the entry portals of a restaurant and then the masks come off when at the table.

Perhaps anecdotal but relevant non-the-less, our Facebook Migration Page: has over 1,440 people actively engaged in positive discussions relating to our Migration event, and that’s nothing to sneeze at . . . (sorry bout that reference) but seriously,

There appears to be a bunch of folks looking forward to getting together with their COPA and non-COPA friends on the beaches of Amelia Island at the Omni Hotel. That said, as with anything, as pilots, we’ve learned to do things carefully and safely.


Let’s just label it a protest and avoid these cumbersome guidelines…


Right on. I have been following this thing closely and there are many things getting better.
Flying is risk management and the COVID 19 risk, in my opinion, can be managed and we can still have a great time. Further, we lucked into a great site for a Migration in this environment. Plenty of room, with lots of fun things to do.
I’m going to be there and if it was this week I would be there.


I’m already booked, but will make my go-/no go-decision decision based on the evidence that emerges of how re-opening is going around the country as we get closer to the event. I voted in the “considering” attending group for this reason.

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I wouldn’t count on that as a reliable indicator because those reservations can be cancelled without penalty. Many may make proactive hotel reservations with that in mind. (I often do.)



Are you coming this year?

Not sure yet. But I’ll make a hotel reservation just in case!


I think we all do that, I certainly do.

What is the planned date to open the event registration portal on COPA? That would provide a more realistic forecast of the attendance numbers.

I would register today for Migration, even if it’s non refundable, I have every intention of attending and it’s worth the loss if I choose not to go for whatever reason.

Registration was slated to open in mid March…

However I postponed the opening of registration due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty surrounding events this year. I felt it would have been in bad taste to open registation during March/April/May.
Now that things are returning to more of a normal state (at least in Florida), I intend to open registration once I have some paperwork sorted with the Hotel.
I would say it should be open no later than 2020-07-01T07:00:00Z, however I am at the mercy of the hotel which as of last week said the following:

“We are still working with a skeleton crew and no admin support…”

It is my duty as a board member and specifically as “Migration Chair” to protect the organization Financially. Since this organization is made up of its members, to me this includes protecting the membership Financially.

Regardless of when we open Registration, We will be revising our typical Cancellation policy for this event. The last thing we want to do is pour salt on anyone’s wounds this year (The organizations included).


Thank you Erik-

Count me in for registration on day one, I am happy to be the first to test the registration page! :grin:

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