KJAX-Migration Transportation

Well, my plan of flying to Migration this year may not work. Jacksonville Airport is not a real convenient one for my carrier. (United) Anyone know how easy an UBER is to get at the airport about mid-night ?

You can reserve an Uber Premium ride from JAX to Amelia Island up to 30 days in advance.

I just tried to reserve a ride through the app from JAX to the Omni next Wednesday at 23:55 and the service was available, so it does not look like getting out of JAX at that time would be a problem, what we have heard is that getting an Uber from the Omni back to the airport can be difficult, hence why COPA has arranged for busses back to JAX on Sunday.

Thanks… That is about my timeline as well.

Do we know earliest time ?

Sunday bus departures from the Omni to JAX will be from 6am-3pm.

For anyone arriving to KFHB, the bus schedule is as follows:

Arrivals into KFHB - Wed 11am-6pm; Thurs 9am-6pm; Fri 7am-12noon.

Sunday departures from Omni to KFHB, 6am-3pm.

Buses to KJAX was my question … ?

0600 to 1500 on Sunday.

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Do you know the transportation schedule (buses ?) from Jax to the hotel -
I appreciate the Sunday bus information - I can work with that - I don’t see any of this transportation info on the Migration page -
time to make some flight arrangements - since I can not fly myself.


COPA will not be providing transportation from JAX to the hotel, the Sunday bus service to JAX was only added due to known difficulties with getting taxi/Ubers from the Omni back to the airport on Sundays.

Members should have no problem securing a cab or ride share service from JAX to the Omni.

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Thank you sir -
I will use the bus on Sunday - and make my own way TO the hotel

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