Migration 13 Registration  On Time Registration and Error Messages

Just a few days to get in on the best deal in aviation. The M13 Migration. Due to the lead time to order the “Special” migration jacket coordinated by Tim Valentine, we need members to register by 28 July if you want the Jacket at a great deal (Included in the fee). After that date the registration fee goes up $125 and if you want the Jacket it will be $150.

Some are finding the initial registration confusing. If you have done a RegOnline registration your browser will cache and enter it in the first field. If you hit continue, you will get an error and be in a catch 22 trying to reset your password. Don’t do that. Hit the NEW REGISTRATION link on the right. See below.

Don’t wait till the last minute to do the registration because you might get stuck and Donna and I will not be up at mid-night to help you.