Everyone talks about price increases on this site and for obvious reasons. Cirrus has had many price increases since the beginning. I think they started at $141,500, $144,500, $158xxx, $168xxx, 179xxx, and now 188xxx. That’s about $50,000.00 in a 3 years or so - about 35%. They reason I was attracted to Cirrus was that it was to be a modern airplane - though not yet proven - no track record - no history, etc. It was to be safe - with a shute. Modern gadgets - Arnav, etc. And most important it was faster and cheaper than a Cessan 172. Well, if Cirrus continues to raise the price, it’s good for those who already bought, but it’s bad in that they will start losing sales to other Cirruses and Lancairs to come. Maybe Cessna or other established companies will get more aggressive. But with new technologies - specialy electronics dropping in cost and mass production of airframes and engines and chuts and so on, the price should come down to the point where everyone can buy one of these babies. I think lower prices is better for everyone in the long term and I hope Cirrus can keep their as low as possible and make their money in volume.

The current price includes nearly $10,000 in improvements not included in the 1995 $141,500 price.

That price was known to be an initial promotion to get quick early orders.

Adjusting for that the increase comes to about 25% over five years.

Not too bad.