Maintenance cost of an SR20 in europe

Yes, but the OP asked about operating costs in Europe!

Insurance might even be a little cheaper in Europe, and they give you less trouble too. All the rest will be very similar – except fuel.

Two advices from me…listen to Alexis (he know’s his things), but maybe even more important, join COPA. Even if not having bought yet…join…you will learn A LOT, for practically nothing (in airplane terms).

Good luck!

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If that’s the case, one could almost argue that the difference is negligible :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty much dependent on how many hours flown, and your ratio of fixed costs like annuals, to variable costs like avgas. I see about the same costs for my SR20 on a “wet” operating basis, but once you figure in reserves for a engine, CAPS, and related big ticket items, for me it looks closer to $300/hour.

I fly a lot of missions for the USCG Auxiliary Air program doing search and rescue, which reimburses owners for gas & oil. There are also a number of pro-bono flying activities which will allow you to deduct these variable expenses, while at the same time helping people and animals in need of transportation.

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In Europe more or less I would say 180/200 euros dry if you want to cover everything from CAPS, ENGINE, PROP, AVIONIC and usual problems (battery, line cutters, and every pricey cirrus parts you’ll need sometime)