Magic carpet ride

Ed and I flew 157CD home on Sunday and have now made all th GA planes at San jose international look very old.

We picked it up at Cirrus on Thursday, trained two days,and outran storms all the way home on Saturday and Sunday.

The people at Cirrus were wonderful ,We got a full detailed tour of the factory and boy is this plane well built. No details are overlooked at this state of the art facility.

We trained with Kara from Wings Aloft and she was great, she put up with my hard landings and ed’s bad jokes for two very long days. She was highly skilled and very sweet.(Study the training book before you go.if you don’t learn it you don’t leave).

The plane flys like a magic carpet,is very comfortable on long trips and allthough the Arnav doesn’t do everything what it does do is very usefull. I felt safe and in control the entire way(even in the Rocky moutains).

Your friends and family will love this plane. Friends of mine that wouldn’t fly in my Cessna are begging for a ride in this sleek bird.

In closing thew people at Cirrus have done themselves proud. Gotta go fly