M5 to M15 anniversary from across the pond

Well hello y’all

I attended M5 in Duluth - I think it was May or June 2007. It was part of the confirmation process in deciding to part with a shed load of cash for a Cirrus SR22 - that was 10 years ago - I acquired N352CD from Jaime Steel in Dayton September 2007 and flew her (N252CD not said Jaime :wink: ) back across the Atlantic to the UK.

I’ve posted a few times on the forums, I am a great fan of the impressive people who do so much for COPA and have been a long term member.

N352CD is now on the Guernsey/Channel Islands register as 2-OFUS which moniker suits me as my wife is a stalwart partner and loves being in right hand seat (but not keen to pilot) but several partner in command courses under her belt.

Anyway - I attended M5 in Duluth on my own - I intend to celebrate M15 with my missus and life partner.

I was struck by the sheer niceness and hospitality of the US and COPA in Duluth 10 years ago and I want my wife to come and see same thing 10 years on.

So a few people may remember me from Duluth and from my infrequent posts so - we are booked into the Gaylord and if there is an opportunity to have a cocktail together say Friday night- then please let me know if you remember me and m5 OR any posts on the forums from this wacky Englishman OR are simply interested in what its like to fly a Cirrus in ‘Festung Europe’. I’d be happy to meet up

best regards


John Murray

Boy John, you will almost surely win the “Furthest Traveled to Get to Migration” Door Prize! How exciting that you are crossing the pond to join us.

We will give you a Nashville welcome and make sure that you you are all well taken care of!

Welcome. Now we just gotta get you to come more often :wink:

Just kidding. I look forward to meeting you both.

thank you @Bill and Roger Whittier

Just a few weeks before we set off (though unfortunately not under our own power)

The missus is asking the obvious questions - well what does a lady wear at such conventions?

Not sure you guys could answer but maybe you know someone who can

We are taking a few more days to tour around southern Georgia down to Savannah before we go back

If anyone knows where I might get a ride in an SR while we are there - let me know -

Anyone from the already great -( no pressing need to be made greater again :wink: ) USA who might think about visiting ‘Festung Europe’. there’s absolutely tons to see especially here in English Channel/Normandy area and I am more than happy to guide/help on flying opportunities.

John, I am based in Nashville and am more than happy to offer complimentary tours of middle Tennessee via my SR22. PM me anytime.

'fraid I won’t be much help re wardrobe options. We are pretty casual folks here in Nashville. Just about anything outside of the banana hammock should work just fine.


Dress will be anywhere from business casual to pretty dressy - particularly Saturday evening.