M14 DLH Arrival and Departure Ramp Procedures

M14 DLH Arrival and Departure Ramp Procedures


Cirrus Aircraft officially opens for Migration on Thursday September 8th.

For those arriving PRIOR to Thursday September 8th, please contact Monaco Air FBO on Unicom 122.95 MHz approximately 15 minutes prior to landing.

After landing, follow Tower (118.3 MHz) instructions to contact Ground (121.9 MHz). Identify yourself as a COPA Migration attendee, and follow their instructions to the designated parking locations.

Most aircraft will park on the Midfield ramp, south of the A2 intersection. (This area is slightly east of the Cirrus Aircraft ramp.) This is where Monaco Air will meet you for fuel as well as provide transport back to their FBO offices.

If you forgot to call on Unicom, you can always call Monaco at 218-727-2911 after you are parked.

Some aircraft may park on the Monaco FBO ramp slightly east of the Midfield ramp, south of the A3 intersection. In this case, Monaco FBO is directly in front of you so it is no issue to get fuel or walk into their building.

Please chock your aircraft and do NOT set your brakes as some airplanes will likely need to be repositioned.

For those arriving on Thursday September 8th (or later), you will follow the above tower and ground instructions to park (again, typically on the mid-field ramp).

Cirrus Aircraft will have people standing by to marshal you into a parking location. Because they need to park airplanes so close together (1-2 feet apart), they will have you shut down just prior to the final location and they will then tow you into position after you shut down.

Bring your aircraft chocks if you can remember, but Cirrus will also be able to provide chocks for you if you forget. Again, do NOT set your brakes.

Cirrus will provide shuttle transport from the midfield ramp back to their main Customer Center building for check-in. Monaco Air FBO will have an employee available to take down your fuel order and run your credit card.


Almost all airplanes will be departing on Sunday morning.

COPA has arranged bus transport from the Inn on Lake Superior to the Duluth Airport.

For 6am to 8am departures, the buses will drop you off at Monaco Air FBO as Cirrus does not open until 8am. Monaco will transport you to your airplane.

After 8am, the buses will drop you off at the Cirrus Aircraft Customer Center.

Cirrus will transport you to your airplane.

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Thanks for the detailed update. [Y]

BTW folks should bring their own chocks. I expect that we’ll be parked nose-tail-nose-etc. for maximum “packing density” on the ramp. [;)]


PS - Only 18 days, 16 hrs. & 24 min. until Migration!