Looking to dry-rent SR20/22 G3/G4 in FL / East Coast for 50 h.

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I am not flying my plane enough: 2003 SR 22 Centennial with Avidyne PFD/MFD. It has a DFC90 AP.

It is in Raleigh, NC, but coincidentally I will need to go to Naples, FL sometime soon and might fly that way. I will need it in May for a Bahamas trip of 5 days.

I have owned and flown it since new – 15 years – total ~3600 hours. But my overseas business is active and I am gone often. I need to find someone to fly it, and I was planning to post on COPA to see if someone near me wanted to buy some time. Your posting is different than what I envisioned, but it got my attention.

Happy to speak or PM if you’re interested.

Still looking for G1000 equipped plane options.


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