Looking to dry-rent non-turbo SR20/22 in NYC area or Northeast for 30 hours July 6th-15th.

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This could be an insurance nightmare. I can’t see how using someone else’s plane to train your students would fall under the definition of personal and business use. Then you have the 100 hour inspections.

  1. Pleasure and Business means used in the business of the Insured, including personal and
    uses, but excluding any operation for hire or reward. Cost reimbursement will be included within
    the definition of Pleasure and Business provided that such cost reimbursement is limited to:
    a) Fuel, oil, lubricants, and other additives,
    b) Expenses of the crew, including food, lodging, and ground transportation, but excluding salary
    or wages,
    c) Hangar and tie-down costs away from the Aircraft’s base of operation,
    d) Insurance obtained for the specific flight,
    e) Landing fees and similar assessments,
    f) Customs, foreign permit, and similar fees directly related to the flight,

g) In Flight food and beverages.

There are other experts in this area on COPA, and I’d like to hear their opinions as well.