SHAREMYAIRCRAFT.COM - launching soon, Guinea Pigs needed to test!

Hello fellow COPA members – I am in need of pilots to help test a new site I designed that will be launching soon. Http:// will allow a pilot to list a plane for rental/hour with another qualified pilot (many of us have done this for years), list an equity share, 1/3, 1/4 for sale or Request a partnership for a new or used plane at a specific airport. The site has a great user interface and can be accessed on a desktop/tablet or mobile device, and just by putting in your tail number, it will propagate important fields. It also has geo location so it knows where you are and where the closest planes to you may be. I would appreciate if you could list your plane or partnership request, and provide me with any feedback you may have so i can make the site as good as possible before officially launching! Thank you! Raj

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE GREAT FEEDBACK! – Lots of bugs caught and exterminated!


Does renting a plane to others by the hour, even if it’s just linking up qualified pilots like this, require Part 135 maintenance standards and approval by insurance (with possibly a higher premium)?

No. Unless you or one of the others are using it for taxi service for cargo or humans. You can definitely add your plane to someone else certificate and they would have operational control over your plane. This is has been discussed extensively in COPA.

If you’re looking into this I would highly recommend you discuss with your insurance broker to make sure the policy is set up correctly. It will vary depending on if you’re adding an “equity” partner or simply a “lessee” partner who has no equity in the aircraft.

It’s a great idea to get your aircraft flying more but you obviously want to make sure you’re protected.