Looking to buy

Just sold my 182rg lookng at 2003 SR22 near KMSP. Looking for someone familiar with the plane to do a prepurchase inspection and what I should watch out for.

Also wondering what the subscription costs are for dual Garmin 430’s and the avidyne unit, thanks

Welcome Matt

But the first cost to ask about is the cost of COPA; $65.00 I think, where every question you’ve ever had about a Cirrus has been answered (and we’re always thinking of new questions) Currently there are close to a million posts and every question of your inquiry above has been asked and answered, and a bunch of questions that you haven’t even thought of.

So, join in the fun.


Welcome and congratulations on your plans to go with a Cirrus!

As Dennis said, you will actually find your questions answered “inside” COPA, and A LOT MORE!

You can go enroll, login, go to the search and type:

prebuy OR inspection


subscription AND garmin AND 430

Or just peruse the almost a million posts which are sorted by category, type of plane, type of activity… etc.

So, hopefully will see you soon inside of the fence.

P.S.: as a matter of testing it I just searched for “prebuy OR inspection” and found this which happens to be on the public side of the forum!

Subscription costs:

  • Dual 430W, full US coverage: $535/year
  • Avidyne MFD Nav Data: $220/year

Andy. I assume that is without C-max, right?

If I recall correctly I pay $2,500 ish annually for the two 430s and C-max.