Is this ‘typical’ of the price that Jeppesen charges for:

Dual Garmins: $460

Avidyne NavData: $245

Avidyne Charts: $905

TOTAL $1,610 per annum

I know there’s a COPA promotion bundled package price but this to me seems outrageous.


Why don’t you join COPA. We have lots of discussions on this topic in our member forums as well as many other discussion on Cirrus ownership and flying. Oh and the Jeppesen Member Advantage program discount will more than cover the dues.

My partner is a member of COPA - I carry the AOPA and EAA membership

For the Dual Garmins and Avidyne Charts, no one can offer comments about what is “typical” because you did not disclose the coverage area of your subscriptions.

sorry, missed a line in my copy paste…

East/Central US

I only pay $425 for plates but I only get the region I live in. Otherwise that looks about right. If you’re a COPA member that charge would be the same but our discount offers 15 months for the price of 12.

Yes, it is outrageous. But it is a matter of what you really need, vs want. You can save big by using charts on an iPad. There is also no need to keep the MFD nav data updated. You don’t even need to have both Garmin units up to date. I just keep the #1 unit current.

2 x GNS430W
EX5000C Navdata
IFR Charts Central Europe
VFR Charts Europe
Total: € 2800 … $ 3160 (for 15 instead of 12 months with COPA discount)

Isn’t that sick?

Yes, I agree. That’s why I binned my Jeppesen plates subscription about five years ago and use ICAO plates. Based on your numbers, I’ve saved almost $15k. One way of looking at that is that doing so almost paid for my GTN 750…
I agree the Jeppesen plates are excellent, and I’d pay a fair price for them, but IMO their pricing is ridiculous even with the COPA advantage deal.

… Sooner or later I’ll switch to an iPad only subscription. But I really got used to having the active approach charts there, right in front of me, so I still hesitate to cancel the subscription.

Don’t ask me how many IFR approches i make every year … :wink:

Courage, et melangez les cartes! [:)]