Looking for SR22 Partnership at KRDU

I’m looking for either an existing partnership that I could get into or 1-2 people that would be interested in purchasing a G2/G3 SR22 to form a new partnership. Thanks in advance for any information.


Give Matt at Elite a call. He may be able to help.

I am not flying my plane very much now. I have not thought much about sharing, but I would consider it. 2003 Avidyne SR22 Centennial, bought new, about 3000 TTSN, about 300 SMOH. Savvy (Mike Busch) managed maintenance. DFC 90 autopilot. I keep it at AMG/FlightGroup (near J3, north ramp), and they provide insurance, hangar and pilots if someone in my company needs to go somewhere without me.

I fly more on weekends now than during the week. But, probably only one or two trips per month. Send me info at tfdarden@aol.com if you want to discuss–what are your plans, what are your needs, what experience, etc? Thanks.