Forming Partnership for ownership of SR22G3

I am interested in forming (or joining) a partnership to acquire and own a SR22, preferably SR22G3 non turbo. Would be based out of (in order of priority), W29, ESN or FME. The partnership would be limited to 3 partners at most. The vinatge would be somewhere between 2005 - 2008. Price point not to exceed $300k. I have a plane that I am presently kicking tires on and might very well attempt to negotiate to close this month - April. Flying for fun and enjoyment and to my second home in southeastern NC. Interested parties can call or email me.

Peter Zadoretzky

410 703 0896

Have nearly the identical goals in a partnership I’m currently working on in NW Ohio. Move up here and we’ll buy something tomorrow!

Thanks for the invitation but I don’t think its in the cards friend. My flying “mission” is to get me back and forth between my places in Annapolis, MD and Wilmington, NC. Good luck to you and your pursuits.

I’m in the market for the same plane but I would like one with the perspective. I fly out of W29 and KJYO. Let me know if you would consider the additional cost for the G1000.