Looking for SR-22 partnership at St Pete Clearwater (KPIE)

I’m curious as to availability of any partnership on an SR-22 at St Pete Clearwater KPIE airport. Currently based at Landings, I have 1800 hours total time including 1,000 hours in Lancair IV. Mostly day trips during the week on business. Thanks for your reply!

did you ever manage to find a partnership? Looking for the same at KPIE.



I bought 87 Mooney Rocket no chute but faster than Cirrus. And no training wheels.

Thanks! All the best.


I’m currently a 2015 SR22 owner, GTS Carbon in the Landings II. I’m not looking for partnership, but down the road will look to upgrade and have this one for sale possibly.


I could probably put you in touch if you’re still interested. Partnerships are like a marriage though, the Stars have to continuously stay properly aligned :wink:

Let me know!