Start or Join SR22 Partnership - KMMU

Hi all… Looking to join an existing SR22 partnership or start a partnership at Morristown Municipal Airport - KMMU. I am a PP SE land & Sea Instrument rated with 1000+ hours. Just finished SR22 transition training in January. Recently sold Saratoga with longtime partner that retired and moved to Florida. Well educated in the cost of airplane ownership and ready for another airplane. I prefer ownership but if you are at KMMU and are considering a non-equity partnership I would be willing to discuss. If interested please send me an email -

Hi all… again… thanks to those who have responded to my post back in February. I am blessed to have found another COPA member who has agreed to to let me partner in his 2009 SR22 TN at KMMU. What a great guy and a great plane. Thanks COPA for this site. Without it I am not sure I would have made the connection. Looking forward to attending some of the many COPA events and training sessions. In the mean time I am sticking with a great instructor to get more experience until I feel I am ready to venture out.Currently in a very serious training and learning mode and liking the challenge a new plane brings. Lots to learn!!! Ken N642CP