Looking for CFI for Cirrus at KLNS, Lancaster, PA

Just starting out and would like to begin training in a CIRRUS. The usual flight schools don’t mention CIRRUS as an option.

Anyone have experience or references for training at KLNS in a Cirrus.

Dave dawms@ptd.net

You are in luck check out http://www.noltair.com/. Ask for Lane Graden. http://www.evolutionaviators.com/about-lane.html Great operation and people. Good luck.

Montgomery County Aviation (215) 646-0400 offers flight training in the school (or your own) Cirruss. They are at Wings Field (near Plymouth Meeting Mall) in the Philadelphia metro area. They also offer excellent Cirrus maintenance. Good people.

If Nolt Air does not work out for you I would suggest Bob Garity. I live in Carlisle and trained with Bob. He is based in Leesburg, Va. Atlantic Aviation has around 9 cirrus in their school including SR20’s. It will cost a little more for ferrying the plane but I felt it was worth it. Give me a call if I can help. 717-433-8185.

Thank you to all who have contributed. I will check out Nolt Air first. I thought with a Cirrus Service Center in Lancaster, there would also be CFIs local. But none reported.

Any other idea, just keep posting THX!