Looking for a Flight Instructor in MN

Hi, I would like to take flying lessons in a cirrus. None of the schools at KFCM offer the cirrus as an option. Are there any flight instructors with an access to an airplane available in the Flying Cloud area? Please email me at gschmidt68@comcast.net.



I’m not aware of any at FCM but I’ll ask around some more. You may want to contact Twin Cities Aviation who I believe has Cirrus aircraft in their training fleet. I believe they are operating out of Anoka, St. Paul and possibly Crystal airports.

Thanks Justin, yes I spoke to Twin Cities Aviation, and they are out of St Paul and Anoka only, which is a bit far for me. I would love to find an indepedent flight instructor with access to a Cirrus in flying Cloud. Crystal would be my second option.

Let me know if you find out anyone.



Give me a call at your convenience and I’ll pass along a contact who might be able to provide a little more help.