Looking at buying an SR20 - Crank case crack

Hi all,

I am looking at buying a second hand SR20 but during the prebuy inspection the engineer discovered that the Engine crankcase was found cracked in an area allowable as per TCM SB M90-17. The crack as 0.5 In and Max allowable is 2 In. This still worries me though.

Is this, in your opinion, a deal breaker? Should I ask for the case to be replaced ?

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Many Thanks,



There are so many planes out there available that this might be a good reason to keep looking. I am not sure what your budget is but there is a fantastic 2008 SR20 for sale by Bob Sugar. Check it out here. I was able to take a look at it a few weeks ago and she is drop dead gorgeous! Very well maintained and less than 400 hours TT. It has all the upgrades you will ever want including the highly coveted Avidyne DFC 90 Autopilot. I would be interested in this plane if I had not bought my SR20 only 6 months ago.

Good Luck


Hey Tony,

Why don’t you sell Joe yours and get that 22 you really want? [:)]

I would if my wife would let me! “You just bought that plane and there’s nothing wrong with it! Besides, that will put you farther away from your SR22!” Sigh. Good thing I have her around or I’d be “living in a van, down by the river!” Of course, the way I do the math it would be advantageous to sell, move up, sell move up. Bob’s plane is sweet!

Of course, if I had a firm offer of $130K on mine I might just be able to talk her into it! (Hint Hint nudge nudge)