Crankase crack of more then 2 inches

I own a cirrus sr22 2004 and we found a crack of more then 2 inches in the crankcase over cylinder airplane is grounded since last fall.I am discussing with continental to see what they intend to do with this. .I first could not believe this could have appened to an airplane so new if we compare to old Cessna.I was told that this happen on the new crankcase type by my mechanic…Why.Any comment.It is gone to be a very expensive repair.Thanks.

Last fall? Explain…

Sorry to hear that. This has not been common on the IO550 in the SR22. There have been more cracks in the IO360 crankcase used on the SR20. Usually near the right front of the engine (cyl 5).

Wish you luck with Continental. They should offer you something on the engine repair. But labor to remove and reinstall will be on you (if they do what they have in the past).

If not done, please have a dye penetrant test done to insure the crack is real and not a superficial casting blemish.

+1. It is crucial that the dye penetrant test be done.