A Few Basic Questions....

I have a C182, which I love. I flew one of the SR20 prototypes at Santa Monica over 3 years ago, liked it, had an opprotunity to be one of the early buyers. Didn’t do it, for a variety of reasons. Thinking of getting on the list now. Some questions for current owners:

  1. Virtually any new airplane is bound to have squawks, design glitches, etc that don’t show up until lots of “real world” hours of operation. Leaving aside the one crankshaft failure, what has shown up?

  2. One of the things I like about my 182 is its ice-handling capabilities. I don’t fly intentionally into ice, but as an IFR pilot in the Pacific NW, it can’t be avoided without virtually grounding oneself in the winter. I have some nervousness about highly efficient, computer-desinged airfoils. What experiences to current pilots have with icing and SR20 handling?

  3. I see messages alluding to buying and selling their purchase positions. Is this actually happening with some frequency? What are the going rates for, say, positions 1-100, 101-200, and 201+?

Thanks-- Hunter Handsfield

Leaving aside the one crankshaft failure, what has shown up?

I’ve heard of a vacuum pump failure, tbe broken crankshaft, worn tires (leading to one tire failure on landing) and some avionics/electrical problems.

Of these, only the broken crankshaft is worrying. And that’s an issue more for Contintental than Cirrus.