Cracked fiberglass on SR20

We just noticed a crack in the fiberglass about 2 inches long aft of the engine cowl top co pilot side. It is parallel with the the engine cowl seam about 1 inch aft. Airplane has 100 hours on it. Anyone else have anything similar? Our service center is looking at it now.


I have 53 hours on serial no 1150 no crakes what is your serial no from Don

I now have a 1’ crack between the base of the windshield and the rear of the top cowling directly in the center. My local FBO said it was down through ‘the paint’ only. I will have the service center look at it when I get it there the first week in january.
However, I expect to see more of these because of the vibration and huge temperature swings. Tjhis is very common even on mulyi-million dollar yachts. The pain will be that you ‘have to’ fix them

I’ve no direct experience with Cirrus, but trained on a Katana. Occassionally I’d see a hairline crack. It was explained to me that was a crack in the “gel coat” on top of the fiberglass and that it had no affect on airworthiness, etc. Basically, we just ignored them.

Don, we’re serial 1152 with a little over 100 hours.

When you say you have to fix them do you mean they are not under warrinty.It would be bad enough but to have to pay also would realy suck.From Don

There is no gel coat on the Cirrus fiberglass - I’ve not seen any cracks on our 16 month old SR20, but we do get quite a few stone chips on the horizontal stab and heaps of them on the nosewheel spat - it’s just the paint that is chipped, we just keep touching them up.