Lindbergh flying a Lancair

Lancair should get some nice publicity from this, I assume.

(I also saw it in avweb, but more “civialians” probably see msnbc than avweb)


Probably the best plane in its class on the market, the Lancair Columbia deserves the publicity. Cirrus is an excellent plane too, and has its share…

Best wishes to Lindbergh,

Steve (Lancair deposit 84)

Yes, I understand that both Lancair 300 owners are very happy with their airplanes.


Uh oh — we’re getting into the “My Ford is better than your Chevy” argument (which is pretty silly, since everyone knows that the finest cars were built by
As for me, I’m looking forward to the day when the airport ramps are wingtip to wingtip with Cirri and Lancairs, as well as Katanas, DA40s, Symphonys, etc. That day is coming!


I wish you were right, but we’d have to kill all the lawyers and half the federal government before you’ll see a plethora of new airplanes at your local airport any time soon.

On that note, does anybody have any idea how much of the price of a SR20 or 22 goes to liability insurance?