Lancair Advertises Cirrus

Check out this link:

Hard to believe, but Lancair is touting a survey which showed the Cirrus SR22 as the highest rated piston aircraft in overall customer satisfaction. Lancair came in 6th overall and 27th in reliability. OUCH!


Wow. You are right. They thought the highest number was the best. I think it is the other way around.

This is incredibly embarrassing for Lancair. Not so much the results of the survey but their schoolboy-howler misunderstanding of the data. Imagine if Dan Quayle had interpreted a chart this way…

Obviously “voluntary” polls like this are not scientific - but what’s relevant about this one is that the results are based on surveys of each brand’s owners. So, barring a real sabotage campaign, it was the opinions of Lancair owners that led to its ranking. More relevant still, it was the opinions of Cirrus owners that led to its standing in the poll.

As I’ve always said: Cirrus, Lancair, and Diamond all make great airplanes, and I wish them all well. But it will be an interesting test of internet information flow to see how long it takes for Lancair to pull this link from their web site.

My only conclusion is they didn’t understand the numbers OR at the time they posted this on their site, the numbers were in their favor. I believe this is an ongoing survey, so the numbers can change. If not, then maybe they’re just clueless!

Another possiblity is the negative was against Lancair the company and not the Columbia 300, since the aircraft shown just says “Lancair”. Could’ve been some unhappy kit buyers.

This was posted on a Lancair dealer’s website, not the Lancair corporate site…and it has now been pulled. With only 40 Columbia’s delivered, the results are clearly reflective of the kit owner/builder experiences.


Looking at the raw scores I doubt this is a statistically significant difference but it is very amusing.

Well, I feel better now that Jim has read the chart as we did. I still cannot believe Lancair think they won.

Another statistical significance discussion? I’m there! :slight_smile: