Latest on Sandel and GPS#2

Here is the latest info I have on when GPS #2 can be selected by bearing pointer #2 and why the SR22 Sandel is configured as it is.
When. The Sandel software update that will allow you to select GPS #2 for bearing pointer #2 may not be available until next spring.
Why is SR22 configured as it is? In the SR22 only Garmin #1 can connect to the Sandel as the primary Nav source. I assume that this is based on the theory that pilots would get screwed up by not realizing which Garmin they were set up on. There are other planes in which the Sandel can use Garmin #2 as primary nav source. If this were done in the SR22 the second CDI on the left side would not read properly when Garmin #2 was selected as the primary Nav source. The second CDI would not be reading Garmin #2 but instead the needle would just repeat the movements of the Sandel needle and the OBS selector on the second CDI would not work in that turning it would not affect the needle. Therefore, having the ability to use Garmin #2 as the nav source for the Sandel would result in two problems. (1)- you could get screwed up by not realizing which Garmin the Sandel was using and (2)- your second CDI would not only be unusable but the needle would be moving and giving you false indications.
My guess is the the Sandel software did not accommodate a situation where the plane was wired so you could not use Garmin #2 for the Sandel nav source but you did want to use Garmin # 2 for the bearing pointer. The new software will supposedly allow that.
I think Cirrus has set it up in the safest manner because all we lose is the ability to have Garmin #2 feed the Sandel if you lose Garmin # 1. If you lose Garmin #1 you can still switch to Garmin #2 and use the analog CDI over on the left side, if you still know how to use it.

Thanks James. I have no interest in using GPS #2 for anything BUT an RMI on the Sandel. I would like to continue to have the GPS #2 to feed the other CDI. Thanks for the work!