Kara is Landing on an Aircraft Carrier!!!!

As many of you know, I have an incredible love for Naval Aviation (Thank you Mom & Dad!), as well as a dedication to send care packages to our soldiers in the MidEast. I have just been give the opportunity of a lifetime and am asking for you to help me show our appreciation to our military.

I have been selected to be a Distinguished Visitor (DV) aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt! We will be landing on the carrier in the Atlantic Ocean and spending the night on the aircraft carrier.

The TR is a Nuclear Powered, Nimitz Class U.S. Naval Aircraft Carrier whose active service began in October 1986. The TR is a 97,000 ton floating city of 5,500 men and women from every state in the Union. The TR is a key element of our country’s forward-deployed defense strategy. Tasked with maintaining open sea lanes of trade and communications, TR is capable of projecting air superiority to all points of the globe. For further information regarding the TR go to www.tr.surfor.navy.mil.

The Distinguished Visitor Program is designed to provide selected individuals with the opportunity to spend, “A Day in the Life of the US Navy”. Those of us that have been selected will get a first hand look at what the U.S. Navy is doing to protect us. We understand that while the U.S. Navy calls us DV’s, the VIP’s are the 19 year old kids on the flight deck keeping us safe every night. This trip is about showing them how much we appreciate their service to our country.

My DV trip begins on Monday, July 28th, and ends on the evening of Wednesday, July 30th. The cost of the trip is split up between the DV’s.
What I am asking is for your support for the men and women of the TR. The DV’s, (although not required by the U.S. Navy) traditionally have brought gifts to the sailors to show our appreciation. We will be hand delivering care packages to many of the 5,500 sailors on board. The average enlisted sailor is 19 years old and makes under $16,000 a year working long hours a day, seven days a week. Sailors leave for six months at a time serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and spend the holidays overseas. Now we can properly show our gratitude.

What can you donate? I am hoping to collect $40,000 to purchase $20 gift cards for 2,000 soldiers. Checks can be made payable to USNL – Support Our Services which is a 501©(3) organization. USNL – SOS will send a receipt to you for tax purposes. You can send your checks to my address below. If you happen to be at the Cirrus Migration, you can also drop your check off at my booth! I look forward to sharing my experience with all of you and will pictures on my website upon my return! I am SO Excited!!!


Kara Swensen

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