Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, and holiday greetings to all.

I am thankful for Clyde’s work in originating a web site for Cirrusites, and to COPA for carrying on his work in admirable fashion. I’ve made several new friends from the forums and learned a lot.

Those of you already flying a Cirrus airplane know what I mean when I say that last June I received the best Christmas present a pilot could want, the adult equivalent of a Red Ryder Range Rover BB gun with a compass in the stock. Those of you who are waiting will understand when you get yours.

Safe flying in 2002.


Mike so well put.I Went out to my plane and did some tough and go X winds.And after sat in My SR20 And thought how ayear ago I was waiting and now I can fly it sit in it and love it.How great and fortunite we are.I could not figure out how to say it so I just thanked god for helping me get it.And you put it so well it fits it works thankyou so much I will use it if you dont mind.To be able to still get that feeling at 52 what a great life. Just reading what you sent us made me feel so good.I love that movie. By the way I have read this forum everyday since December of 2000 most of the time 2 times a day it is great to be able to share it with our fellow Pilots and cirrus and most others also. We all have this common bond as pilots and as Cirrus owners. Thanks agian for what you sent us in words.( I love this my BB gun)From Don SR20 Pilot