Just signed up

Hi All

I just signed up… I fix Cirrus’s so I guess I’ll do a little reading about them.

Did you join or just sign up for the guest piece. All the action is really on the paid side Jeffrey. Not much here.

I hope you have a bunch of time. There are about 1 million posts that you need to catch up on.

Well I signed up to look around… I have lots of customer tell me about this site so I figured I’d check it out.

I got to inspect the plane that the chute opened in the lightening strike in Duluth so I thought I’d see what else is happening

There is nothing to speak of in the Guest forums. Crickets. There are almost a million posts in the member forums. The $65 membership fee is about the best bargain in aviation.

You’ll get your money’s worth in about a minute…

It’s nice that you signed on as a guest. But really, about all a guest membership does is let you poke around some parts of the website so you can see all the reasons you should join.

No one here is trying to get $65 from you. But if you really want information about flying and maintaining Cirrus Aircraft, you will discover that $65 is chump change compared to the value you receive. Wade right in!

Randy, is the Cirrus with the deployed chute in Duluth the same one from Lynchburg Va? I spent some time around the Virginia Cirrus and thought they fixed it here.