Can you Landing a Cirrus SR22T at Marble Canyon?

Can you get a Cirrus SR22T in and out of Marble Canyon KL41

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Yes, I’ve landed an SR22NA there. The runway is rough despite a recent topcoat, but no loose gravel.

PS, I’ve seen you ask a lot of questions on the guest forum recently. Do you feel like COPA is a good resource? If so, please consider joining, as you’re missing out on a lot of great knowledge.


Let me second that suggestion. Not only is there an almost unlimited amount of information on the Member side, but the majority of members don’t even look at the Guest Forum. And some who do (like me) get tired of people who try to milk the Forum for knowledge without paying the membership fee.

Do as you see fit, but if you really want useful and bountiful information, join the Organization.


Kudos to you for the polite way you phrased that.

Nothing wrong with encouraging people to join, but at the same time we should treat our guests with courtesy.

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I would love to, but $95/year is just too much trying to save as much money for flight school as possible.

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Thank you!

Good Luck with your training and I totally get it! Flight training isn’t cheap!

Just as a point of reference, when I joined it was $65 and I felt the same way - "I have to save my money because I am buying a plane!" Well, after some prodding from members in the guest section (sound familiar?), I bit the bullet and joined. Now it’s 10 years later and I can honestly say that I have made a profit being a member of COPA! I have also gotten so much “free” training because so many of our members are CFIs and aviation instructors. Our members are happy to share their successes and failures so we can all get better.

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One of the coolest airports I have been in. The runway is a glorified road though.


So then you could have just landed in the Colorado river a mile away.

Longer walk to the motel for lunch, though.


Lol. Actually it was perfect practice for my engine out landing on a desert road later that afternoon :grin:


I was thinking about being the first to land a Vision Jet SF50 at Marble Canyon.

I thought about it for about 2.7 seconds before saying “nope, baaaad idea.”

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This is from 6 years ago at marble canyon.


OK – this has nothing to do with the conditions at the Marble Canyon but it was a cool watching the shadow of the Cirrus on the ground on final merge with the aircraft on landing.


You are uniquely qualified to assess road conditions for aircraft!

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Landed there back in 1979 in a 206 as a gateway to rafting down the Grand Canyon. Back then it was just a dirt strip with quite a few bumps. Looks pretty civilized now in comparison.

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