Jet A Diesel MR305

Dear Mr Dito,

Thank you for your interest in our diesel engine activity.Today we are

marketing a 230 hp diesel engine named SR305. This engine is being certified

in Europe and we expect US certification by summer 2001.

The main characteristics of this engine are the following :

    * 230hp

    * Fuel Jet A1

    * Capacity : 5 liters (305 in3)

    * 4 Cylinders

    * 4 stroke

    * Air and oil cooled

    * Single lever control

    * Integrated engine monitoring

            * Turbocharged

    * Propeller rotation speed : 2200 tr/mn

    * Reduced maintenance program (spaced visits)

    * TBO objective : 3000 hours

    * Casings, cylinders and cylinder heads of light alloy

    * Dry weight : 180 kg

    * Length : 820 mm

    * Width : 930 mm

    * Height : 731 mm

    * Dynafocal mounting

This engine will be suitable for a wide variety of aircrafts. The details

regarding which aircraft manufacturer will choose our engine will be

released later (such as Cirrus Design for example).

Of course, the SR305 is also designed to replace existing engines such as

the IO360/ 540. The details of our STC program are not yet in place, we

expect to announce this during the six forthcoming months. We will be

keeping potential users informed via our web site. However I can confirm

that we are looking at the retrofit market for aircrafts such as :

Cessna 177




Piper Aztec





Mooney M 20

Socata TB20

                    Rallye 235

Robin DR400

                    DR 500

Zlin 143



We have received a lot of inquiries regarding specific aircraft

modifications, requirements and prices, unfortunately until detailed work

has been done on the different aircraft we will not be in a position to

reply to all of these questions, your patience and understanding will be

greatly appreciated.

We are also planning a 300hp engine that is likely to take development work

and will therefore not be available to the market before the end of 2002 at

the earliest.

In the meantime I am building SMA’s database on potential SR305 engine

customers. In order to facilitate this process I would appreciate if you

could let me have some additional information on your needs.

The above information will remain strictly confidential and will only be

used by our sales department to establish who should handle your company

once our sales team has been formed. It would be better if could send this

information directly to me at the address indicated below.

Our coordinates are


10 Mail Barthélémy THIMONNIER


77437 MARNE LA VALLEE Cédex 2


tél. : 33-(0)1-60-95-07-80

fax : 33-(0)1-60-95-07-81

E.Mail :

web address

Yours sincerely

Miriam Dunn