Jeppesen graphic depiction of TFR's

A.O.P.A. has posted Jeppesen renditions of Low Altitude Enroute Charts and Sectionals with graphic descriptions of the Temporary Flight Restricted Areas. Go to the public area of and click on the link at the bottom of the story “Revised nuclear notam now effective”. Print them out on your color printer.

Much better than being visited by F15’s, making the newspaper, or worse!


That’s a nice site but actually I like the one at http://www.aeroplanner.com better (click on “Flight Restriction Updates” then “View Temporary Flight Restrictions”) – the problem with the AOPA site is that it lists all the nuke sites and so you sorta need to already know which ones you’ll be flying near to decide which ones to look at in detail.

At the aeroplanner site, you start with a full US view showing all the TFRs and then can zoom to specific areas.

I’ve been surprised at the number of pilots (both IFR and VFR flight following) who sound surprised when ATC vectors them around the nuke sites nearby. I hope that doesn’t mean there’s a bunch of folks not getting flight following who are cruising right through.