Is there a How-To-Use guideline somewhere?

Hello everyone. I am new to Cirrus community and airplanes. I am about to pick up my first SR22T on the 10th. This will be my 18th airplane. Currently I fly a Mooney and TBM910. I use both of their OPA forums with relative ease. However, I find COPA and VPO (I am getting a Vision jet in April) very unintuitive and difficult to maneuver. Is there a How-To-Use guideline somewhere?

Thank you


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Hello Perry-

That’s quite the stable you have going, congratulations on your new SR22T and upcoming Vison Jet delivery, that’s AWESOME!

Below is a link to the COPA Forums New User guide:

COPA Forums | New User Guide

You may also send a private message to @discobot with this text in the body:

@discobot start tutorial

This will initiate an interactive tutorial of the Discourse Forum’s basic functions.

COPA is completely independent form VPO, the Vision Pilots and Owners forum is hosted by Cirrus Aircraft.

Dr. Perry,

I have made some videos when the new Site launched earlier this year. Those can be found on this page

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Thank you Hans. I will follow up with these tips.
Take care

Thank you Eric. These helped.

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