I’m an experienced Cirrus CFI with 350 hours of dual given in the airplane. I’m planning to starting up an affordable mobile Cirrus Instruction team. A team comprising of two pilots with over 2400 hours of flight time, 1500 hours dual given and 500 hours of Cirrus dual given. We will be able to move throughout the entire country and train; PPL, IR, re-fresher courses, Flight Reviews and Garmin GPS familiarization. I just want to get an over-all degree of interest.

I would make use of such a service (and I’m a CFI), especially if it constituted “annual recurrency training” for insurance purposes.

I would be very interested in such a service.

I would be interested. Let us know the out come. Larry

Best of luck on the venture and let me know how it goes. Drop me a line via email if this is the WA instructor who gave me my initial instruction.

PS: Is lunch included in the course :>)

Aren’t you the instructor that crashed? If so how are you going to get insurance for this venture? Why are you not working for Wings Aloft any more? Who is supplying the capital?

ready when you are…learning just a couple new points would be worth the investment

This would really be helpful if the training you provide was recognized and approved by the insurance companies as WA does. As I train in Duluth next spring, I will take along one flying buddies but would like later to have one other friend fly my plane. He will need training as well mostly to allow insurance coverage. i wish you luck and keep us all posted on your progress

As more of us become airborne and not just wanna bees there will be a growing need for instructors who know the Cirri and who are up to date with the avionics.

Keep us posted Bob

I would be interested.

Yes, I would be very interested. I’m flying a Cesna 414 now, and every year I go to Flight Safety. They stress that the most important safety feature in an airplane is a well trained and current pilot. Keep us posted! Michael

The bank of Bahrain is supplying the capital :wink:

My idea behind offering such a service is to benifit owners I’ve worked with in the past. A number of pilots are interested in insturment ratings but can’t find instructors that know the airplanes. If anyone else is interested, I can expand.